Your Christmas Program: Made Easy

Directing a Christmas Program has never been easier! Our comprehensive tool makes directing, producing, and performing a memorable Christmas Program hassle free!

Directing a Christmas Program Has Never Been Easier

Customizable for Any Christian Faith

Able to be customized for any Christian denomination, Christ's birth is unique to all of us, make your program just as special.


Everyone has access to their scripts, roles, and schedules on their computer or smartphone. Each Cast and Crew member can choose to print their part if they choose.

Easy 7 Step Checklist

Document your successes with specific instructions so you don’t miss a thing

Money Saving Tips, Encouragement, and Customization Options

We provide everything you need to custom tailor your program to your audience, budget, and creativity.

Comprehensive Tools and Automation

All the tools you need to coordinate and perform an amazing Christmas Program, at the tip of your fingers. Automation and scheduling tools keep you and your cast on track and perfectly in sync.


It's as Easy as 1-2-3!

1. Purchase and Register

Purchase the program and enter your login information, keep track of your username and password, you'll need them to access the tool.

Add Your Cast and Crew

Register your cast and crew members so they receive updates, rehearsal dates, notifications and more! This allows them to access the Cast and Crew Panel, with all the information, scripts, and tools they need to play their part!

Produce Your Program

Use our plethora of tools to create, customize, and produce your unique Christmas Program! It really is just that easy.

We are ALL a part of Christ's Story

Spiritual, Educational, & Fun

Create a fun and touchingly spiritual program that involves everyone who attends, interact with your audience!

Bring People Together

Bring your church, youth group, or school together for a production that will touch their lives and leave a beautiful memory for years to come.

Share The Beautiful Story of the Nativity

Bring the story of Christ’s birth to life, with no distractions from the true meaning of Christmas.

Bring Others to the Light of Christ

Sharing stories in a beautiful, visually stunning way can touch the lives of those who need it most. Whose life will you touch this year?


We offer our program for a one time fee. This gives you complete access to our extensive library of tools for 6 months.

    6 Month

    All Access Pass

    • Comprehensive Scheduling and Automation Tools
    • Full Script with Roles and Responsibilities
    • Manage Your Cast and Crew Remotely
    • Money Saving Tips
    • Complete Customization for your Audience
    • Costume and Set Ideas and Support
    • Encouragement Throughout Your Process
    • Checklists for Responsibilities

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We’re Here To Help

    Does this program provide costumes or any other physical materials?

    Nope, we leave that to you! We want you to be able to customize every single aspect of your program. We do offer tips, tools, and tutorials to help you make your program uniquely yours!

    How long do I have access to this tool?

    Your All Access Pass is good for 6 months after purchase, the perfect amount of time to give you a headstart on planning your program!

    What if I get stuck or frustrated?

    That’s completely normal! A Christmas Program is a lot to direct and manage! We provide tools to relieve your stresses, but if you get stuck, we offer round the clock support for you and your cast!